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A semi soft ewes' milk cheese

Cashel blue

An Irish creamy blue cheese from Friesian milk in County Tipperary

Colston Basset stilton

A creamy, complex blue cheese made with cows milk

Cornish Yarg

A crumbly, cows' milk cheese with a natural rind wrapped in nettles

Flower Marie

An intensely creamy ewes' milk cheese from family-run Greenacres Farm

Isle of Mull cheddar

A sharp, tangy cheddar from Hebridean cows fed on fermented grain

Little Wallop

A gooey goats' cheese aged for 2-3 weeks in a vine leaf

Quicke's extra mature cheddar

** Discontinued ** Matured for 18-21 months

Sharpham Brie

An exceptionally creamy Brie made with milk from Jersey cows in Totnes

Somerset Brie

A mild creamy cow's milk Brie that continues to ripens in your fridge

Somerset Camembert

A rich, creamy Camembert ripened for 10 days

Thomas Hoe Red Leicester

A flaky, open textured cheese made with cows' milk

Ticklemore goats' cheese

A semi-hard zesty cheese which gently crumbles towards the centre

Wookey Hole cheddar

A creamy, nutty cows' milk cheddar matured in caves

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